James Salinsa Kwee Debbah is a growing digital media editor. He lives in San Marcos, TX and currently attending Texas State University. He was born on Staten Island, NY and raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. When he was 10 he moved to Dallas, TX. Living in Texas has been an interesting experience, as places like Dallas, Austin and Houston are huge hubs for different creators from all over. He aspires to be just as talented as some of his biggest inspirations and to work with creators from many different fields.

As you will observe throughout this page, he greatly enjoys photography, digital illustrating, an videography. Photography serves as a great way of depicting all the aspects of life in a romanticized way. Editing serves as a means of making those aspects stand out even more. And videography serves as away of capturing life in motion.

James is Hootsuite certified, and familiar with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok. He also has knowledge coding languages such as C++, HTML, and CSS. For the purposes of creating content he also is adept in a few Adobe Suite programs. These include Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.


James has been seriously involved with photography and videography for about a few months now. However he has had a love for photo and video for as long as he could hold a phone and a love for storytelling for as long as he could hold a pen. He first learned of his love for video storytelling and taking photos when he got a hold of his mother’s Razor phone. He would capture various haphazard pictures of anything remotely interesting around his childhood home, as well as film videos featuring random scenarios around the house conjured from his imagination. His family would later buy a mac desktop computer. Filming with the front camera and playing around with editing software. He would create short music videos using strung together clips of his family dancing that he filmed on the computer.

He would later join the broadcast team in middle school. He got the opportunity to create the school’s public service announcements that would be played for the school’s weekly broadcast. He had even gotten the opportunity to interview the mayor of Frisco, TX. Through observing and working with different content creators with various styles he has gotten much inspiration for his own content.

The best word that can be used to describe his style is “romantic”. He aims to depict all the aspects of life through a dreamy, polished, and vibrant lens. To him, every emotion, from awe to terror can be depicted in a way that celebrates the richness of life. He aspires to use his videos to simply tell stories. He believes that stories are meant to depict life in a way that becomes an experience for the viewer. Real, human stories. And that can be carried out in a variety of different ways. Videos serve a purpose that even photos cannot serve. Seeing things in motion creates a connection to what a person is seeing like no still image can. That is the strength of the medium of video. Creating striking images that communicate powerful emotions outside the realm of time is the strength of photos. He wishes to continue this trend of capturing the world around him and telling stories, in whatever form that may be.


James Debbah
1980 Aquarena Springs Dr
San Marcos, TX 78666



  • Hootsuite certified
  • Knowledge of C++, HTML, and CSS
  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, iMovie
  • Microsoft Office
  • Digital Editing:  Lightroom, Photoshop and GIMP 
  • AP Style
  • Digital Photography
  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook


Texas State University Star// Multimedia; Opinions
February 2018 – PRESENT,  SAN MARCOS, TX
  • Working as a part of the Multimedia Team to conduct video projects
  • Being dispatched to take photo/video of various events and happenings in town to have content for news stories
  • Writing opinions columns on various topics having to do with Texas State, and academia as a whole
Adwoa Beauty// Digital Editor
January 2017 – PRESENT,  DALLAS, TX
  • Digital editing: Writing articles,  formulating social media strategies
  • Manning sales booths at various events
  • Modeling for various hair products
Target// Electronics Consultant
September 2018 – PRESENT, SAN MARCOS, TX
  • Assisting guests with insight on various electronic products
  • Pushing sales for various items and accessories to meet sales goals
YMCA// Front Desk, Membership Services
June 2017-September 2017,  COPPEL, TX
  • Oversight over all member accounts and purchases
  • Fielding customers concerns involving different events, activities, and accounts both over the phone and in person
  • Overseeing the operation of facility throughout the day


Texas State University//School of Journalism and Mass Communication (Senior)
August 2017 – PRESENT (Graduation: December 2020),  SAN MARCOS, TX
  • Major in Digital Media Innovation
  • Minor in English
Our Lady of the Lake University
August 2016 – May 2017,  SAN ANTONIO